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Emotional Iridology

The Emotional Iridology  is not intended to treat or diagnose pathologies, but  yes, after the iris analysis, you can inform the patient/client about everything that is happening in the field of their emotions and create a physical and emotional detoxification program, resignifying their negative neural synapses, bringing their balance and joy of living back.

A new field of science...

A new field of neural science opens up, bringing new possibilities to know yourself and thus be more aware of what is really affecting your physical and emotional health. Through this examination of the iris we can detect where the traumatic energetic nodule is that is psychosomatizing in your physical body in the form of undiagnosed pain and diseases, definitively ridding you of old and unresolved sufferings.


The eye is the window of  “Soul”, the ancients used to say. And it is really through the eyes that we can diagnose the physical, energetic and emotional state of the individual. Everything that happens in one's life, all emotions experienced or repressed will reflect a characteristic sign in the iris.

This method  associated with vision and analysis through Traditional Chinese Medicine brings us a new possibility to analyze the human being in a deeper way, because through it we can evaluate the energetic state of the physical body as well as the traumatic states and blocks of the unconscious.

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