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As a psychoanalyst for some years now, I have always asked myself: how could I reach the black box that represents people's unconscious and remove unpleasant memories from there and reprogram life, change the history of the individual?

In this tireless quest to find a practical and effective solution to re-signify the facts, change feelings and also their results, not finding satisfactory answers in books and also in the techniques already known and practiced by me for years, I took the firm decision to meditate on the subject every day for quite a while.
After dedicating myself to this purpose, I saw in a very special moment of meditation the figure of a skull with several lines that crossed and some followed a path and others did not.

I could clearly see that they were neurons forming the neural synapses. Within this fantastic but real image, I let myself go and observed every detail and mentally I asked questions and the answers also came immediately in a clear and direct way.

So it happened for several consecutive days and I got carried away in this conscious and guided meditation, and when I realized I was describing a fantastic and revolutionary technique in the field of the unconscious mind.
After everything was written, I was then able to read and understand everything that was most beautiful and real that anyone could channel. This is the great truth, I allowed myself to be a channel
  clear and crystalline where the information passed, knowledge that I never had in the school of life, but there were the answers that I always looked for.

Then, Unconscious Therapy was born as a way of changing, cleaning, deprogramming and reprogramming the human being. I was delighted with everything and started using it on my family members and psychoanalysis patients.

Undoubtedly the result was fantastic and from then on I made the decision to be  a practitioner, as well as training other practitioners so that together we form a huge group of good people with the intention and ability to change people's lives in a total and real way.

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