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The unconscious is nothing more than the sum of our memories, experiences, feelings, emotions, it is an infinite deposit of life experiences. However, far beyond archiving them, he still associates them, in a process that is beyond our comprehension. Not everything we go through in our life is pleasant. Some situations are so terrible that we forget about them, because the mere memory causes us immense pain.

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This is because, as it avoids suffering as much as possible, our mind seeks to repress these memories so that we never remember that tense situation again, functioning as a self-defense instinct.
Unfortunately, however, nothing is perfect. We don't eliminate traumas forever: they stay there, in the unconscious. Thus, in the face of certain situations, we can have unexpectedly exalted reactions, or even violent ones.


We cannot change the past... this is what everyone thinks and suffers so much because of this... deep mistake, the past can be re-signified and all the evils it has caused us can be transformed into strength and growth for our soul.

UNCONSCIOUS THERAPY is an innovative technique aimed at freeing us from these issues and giving us back control over our actions based on the Power of choice and no longer as hostages to past events.

Unconscious Therapy is a Revolutionary Technique that promotes the definitive elimination of traumas through the dissolution of the information recorded and fixed in the neuron. This powerful Technique works on mental choke points.  called an energy node.

We have neural information pathways linked to the Unconscious. Each path is responsible for vital information and when this information is negative, it becomes an energy node that prevents the normal flow of emotions, bringing very negative consequences to the Human Being.

The purpose of Unconscious Therapy is to change negative Neural Synapses and transform them into positive ones, thus returning the ability to live with facts or emotions suffered in the past in a light and natural way.
This Therapy brings us the possibility of rewriting our stories and freeing ourselves from fears, anxieties, disaffections and so many other reactive emotions that make us suffer so much.


Unconscious Therapy works effectively and definitively by reformulating our neural synapses, connecting us to other realities now chosen by us with new Consciousness.

on the course  Unconcious Therapy, the person will learn the influence of archetypal nodes created after this life and past life traumas. How they influence our reactions. You will learn fundamental concepts of the mind and how our unconscious works as a magnet that attracts situations to manifest karma, which is nothing more than the accumulation of thoughts, acts and feelings lived in the past.

This is a free course that  aims to train new Therapists in the area with training to work throughout Brazil and the world.

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