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Lotus Radionic Table


On the table

The Lotus Radionic Table is a revolutionary tool, as it makes the
Junction of Radiesthesia and Radionics with: Feng Shui, Tarot, Numerology
and the Holy Symbols.
This Table is composed of graphics and Sacred Symbols that, when activated, open Dimensional Portals that allow us to discover and
Deprogram unpleasant facts that are about to happen, promote the cleaning and harmonization of the subtle bodies, clean and harmonize the
environments, attract financial prosperity and many others...
Through it we can capture, measure and eliminate harmful influences that act on the physical, etheric (aura), mental and emotional body of the individual and on the environment such as: harmful green electric energy, telluric energy, energy from underground or polluted water veins , Energy from harmful Hartmann and Curry lines, Energy from harmful geopathic lines, Energy from the deceased, Energy from negative thought forms (envy, anger, hurt, grudge...), Memory of walls, harmful energy from neighbors...

  • dowsing concept

  • radionics concept

  • Radionic Feng Shui Concept  

  • Lotus Radionic Table Concept

  • The bodies that make up the human being

  • Basics of dowsing graphics

  • Description of the Sacred Symbols and their functions

  • how to heal bodies

  • How to activate Prosperity

  • decrees

  • Query Sequence

  • Practice

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There are more than 6 hours of content divided between videos and supporting documents.

Practical and direct classes.

Direct access to the course's whatsapp group to answer your questions.

You will receive the table in the mail in a few days.

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